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C3 Corporation is a very versatile company because it not only offers land surveying but also is very experienced in “Construction Staking”. What needs to be staked so that others are able to construct it???? Everything! ! ! ! Lets take a look at some of the items that need points set for location and elevation.


The main objects that need points set for location and elevation are the abutments and piers. Other items that need attention are, but not limited to: beam and bearing lines, beam seats, wing-walls, fillets, approach slab, sleeper slab, elevations for the connector slab, cause ways, coffer dams, steel sheeting, “H” piles, slope walls and even setting points for the bridge cones.


When staking highways & roadways the methods are similar but highways are normally much wider and the edge of the traveled lanes need to have location and elevation points set. Whereas for a roadway, the staking of the curb & gutter is normally sufficient for the road contractor to build the road. Lets not forget the many other items that need staking. Some of them are but not limited to: Medians, Noise Walls, Retaining Walls, Light Poles, Traffic Signals, Erosion Control Fencing, Saw Cuts, Temporary Pavement (Run Arounds), Box Culverts, Underground Utilities (Storm, Sanitary and Watermain) Overhead and Cantilevered Signs.


There seems to be no end to the knowledge and experience of C3 Corporation has in the various markets that need construction staking. For airports there are these items: Runways, Taxiways, FAA Structures, lighting, Service Roads and Holding Pads are some of the items that need points set for location & elevation.


The above categories cover very specific items with an explanation of what is done for each. However; there are numerous items that need points set for location and elevation! Lets look at some of these: SUBDIVISIONS – Roads (Rough & Finish Grade, Curb & Gutter), Lighting, Detention Ponds, Houses (Footings & Foundations), Concrete Walks, Underground Utilities & Bike Paths. BUILDINGS – Footings, Foundations, Caissons and all other related items. PARKING LOTS- Rough & Finish Grade Elevations normally set on a grid pattern, Underground Utilities, Lighting, Curb & Gutter and Signage.

Last but not least – C3 Corporation installs BOLLARDS. These are sometimes called “Pipe Bumpers”. They are used in a variety of ways but normally put somewhere to “Protect” something from getting hit by vehicles, lawn mowers and forklifts. We install bollards both inside of buildings and at points on the outside, Hi-Viz sleeves are also available.